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'Retail redlining' or small-business cost-saver? Lawmakers debate the impact of going cashless

Businesses should not be allowed to refuse to accept cash because it hurts vulnerable populations, Democrats on a House Financial Services subcommittee said Thursday, as Republicans said using cash increases operating costs for small retailers. A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Sylvia Garcia, a Texas Democrat and member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, would make it illegal for retailers to refuse to accept cash for in-person payments. The U.S. is increasingly moving away from ca

Last July, former City Clerk Devon Reid implemented a police transparency policy. Almost a year later, the city has yet to follow it.

Last July, Devon Reid, Evanston’s city clerk at the time, announced a policy he claimed would increase police transparency: publishing Evanston Police Department misconduct and use of force records on the city website. In an interview with The Daily, Reid said the policy is important for holding the police accountable and also improving future police behavior. But it has been almost a year since the policy was announced, and no such records have been released. Instead, the policy has been the s

Latino Union of Chicago demands Evanston construction company pay worker owed wages

Organizers speak at the protest. The Latino Union of Chicago held a protest Thursday to demand Evanston-based construction company Continental Construction pay a worker wages. The Latino Union of Chicago held a protest Thursday in front of the office of Evanston-based construction company Continental Construction, demanding the company pay the wages a day laborer says he is owed. The Latino Union of Chicago is a workers’ center that advocates for non-unionized workers, including day laborers.

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